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GPU to Fuel
Your AI Projects


At Banyan, we have one of the broadest choices of GPU servers available maximizing performance and efficiency. Whether you are a small enterprise or a hyper-scale data center, we can help you build out your massive AI cluster.

Banyan has the deep industry experience and technical skills to guide your organization from initial strategy to complete and win.


Products you can Trust

01. High Performance Computing (HPC)

Banyan offers an extensive range of highly efficient and high-performing rack mount servers, leveraging the latest processors from leading brands. These servers come in various form factors, including both 19-inch standard racks and Open Compute racks.

02. High Density Cooling

We deliver efficient, reliable, and affordable cooling solutions to the data center. As faster and hotter chips are added to HPC servers, the new chips will soon exceed air cooling capabilities and that liquid cooling is inevitable. Our team will help you add liquid cooling to your air-cooled facility.

03. UPS and Power Conditioning

The critical systems that sustain your business operations can't go down. Banyan offers a comprehensive range of reliable and high efficiency power protection solutions. Ensuring a dependable power supply for your critical processes constitutes a core aspect of Banyan's business. Contact us to discover the best uninterruptible supplies to protect your application.

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Liquid Cooling

Artificial Intelligence growth fuels the need for liquid cooling

The thermal design power of both current and anticipated CPUs and GPUs continues to rise consistently. Air cooling units are able to reject rack densities at 40 kilowatts (kW).
For 50  kilowatts (kW) air cooling is inadequate. Liquid cooling is much more efficient in heat dissipation. Liquid cooling is the only sustainable and superior method for high densities !

The Team

The Team

Digital Construction

About us

About us
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Banyan World Wide (“BanyanWW”), LLC provides technical services, sells and distributes IT solutions, Telecom services, industrial and electrical equipment to business, government, education, and healthcare customers. The company is comprised of highly credentialed experts, knowledgeable driven sales force, experienced business leaders, and seasoned consultants and engineers.

The company provides consulting design and implementation services, project and construction management, managed services, and services for warranty and support.

BanyanWW offers a range of IT and Telecom solutions, a portfolio of cyber security solutions, advanced software and cloud computing, infrastructure equipment, and specialised solutions for data centers and industrial buildings. Moreover we provide a complete resource for all IT equipment, supplies, and consumables including computer hardware, data storage, networking equipment, and software.



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By tapping into our portfolio of integrated partner solutions, you can achieve your AI projects confidently and with ease.

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