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We DELIVER more than projects

Banyan delivers cutting-edge solutions to businesses, data centers, financial services, service providers, utilities and industrial customers.

We provides exclusive data center advisory services to owners, tenants, and investors. We approach our work with the idea that expertise, intellectual capital, and relationships can never be commoditized.

Banyan offers the most complete infrastructure solutions for commercial customers and data centers. Schedule a consultation to lean more about our particular solution.

Solution Offerings

Compliance Services

  • Compliance & Certification

  • Inspection, Documentation

Data Center Infrastructure

  • Modular Data Center

  • Power & Generator
  • New Generation Battery Backup

  • Cooling Ultra-High Density Environment

  • Cooling Solution w/ N+Y+1 Orthogonal Matrix


  • Energy - Solar

  • Battery Systems

  • Energy Storage

  • Monitoring Systems

Information Security

  • Cybersecurity

  • Risk & Policy Management

  • Rapid Critical Notification



circuit breaker panel repair
  • Full-service Maintaining Critical Backup Power 
  • Battery & UPS Upgrade
  • HOT/COLD Aisle
    Containment Install
  • Decommissioning
  • Project Management
  • Exclusive Data Center Advisory Services
  • Data Center Design Build
  • Data Center Relocation
  • Structural Cabling
  • Structural Calculation
  • Site Supervision
  • Energy Systems
  • Energy Storage
  • Battery Systems
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Campus Network  & Wireless Design
  • IT Consulting
  • Training & Certification
  • Product Support
  • Warranty Support
Industries We Serve

  • Date Center

  • Solar Energy

  • Financial Services

  • Service Providers

  • Technology

  • Commercial Services

  • Government

Discover how Banyan's cutting-edge solutions are transforming industries with smarter ways to do business, new growth opportunities and strategies to compete and win.

  • Health Care

  • Education

  • Industrials

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil & Gas

  • Utilities

  • Retail



Banyan World Wide (“BanyanWW”), LLC provides technical services, sells, distributes, and provide timely access to materials, industrial and electrical equipment to businesses. The company is comprised of highly credentialed experts, knowledgeable driven sales force, experienced business leaders, and seasoned consultants and engineers.

The company provides consulting design and implementation services, project and construction management, managed services, and services for warranty and support.


BanyanWW offers a range of infrastructure equipment, and specialized solutions for data centers, industrial and commercial environments.



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